HelloWorld|HSG 2022 Global Marketing Promotion Tour

On September 27th, HSG’s international marketing team, led by Mr. Yuanfa Li, Chairman of HSG, flew to Vietnam from the headquarter of HSG, Lion City Singapore, formally starting HSG 2022 Global Marketing Promotion Tour. 


As the developer and operator of Grenada National Resort, HSG upholds the service model of "clear the goal and keep moving until the initiative one is achieved", and maintains the business tenets of "long-term cooperation, altruism and win-win", which is deeply trusted by global channel partners.


Mr. Yuanfa Li attached great importance to this global promotion tour, and strived to build a bridge of direct dialogue between global cooperation channels and HSG, so as to enhance strategic mutual trust and go further together with stability.






Vietnam is the first stop of HSG 2022 Global Marketing Promotion Tour. According to the three-day schedule, HSG has visited nearly 30 channels. In addition to the channels invited in the plan, HSG attracted many channels from other places in Vietnam to came to its Ho Chi Minh City Office for consultation and cooperation. Among them, the head of EW in Cambodia also made a special trip there to meet with Mr. Yuanfa Li.


<<< HSG took a group photo with channel partners >>>

Face-to-face Dialogue with Channels:

Many of the channels in the first stop of the tour are deeply involved in American immigrant and non-immigrant visa business. In view of the current problems of large investment, long waiting time and customer backlog when applying for EB-5 visa in the United States, the channel party believed that "Grenada Passport + E-2 Visa" provided a super cost-effective alternative for the customer groups who suffered from EB-5 application, and it had great market potential.


HSG team communicates joyfully 

with channel partners.

●  During the face-to-face dialogue with channels, HSG team were fully informed of the concerns of channels and the practical problems encountered by customers in the application process, answered questions and dispelled doubts for channels, and shared the project planning, development progress, its professional team and service guarantee of Grenada National Resort.


 Taking the opportunity of face-to-face communication, HSG team also invited channel partners to participate in sharing and interaction, exchanging ideas of Grenada's advantages, the core value of the project, citizenship by investment and E2 visa application process in detail.

●  HSG team also shared the results of two recent meetings between Mr. Yuanfa Li and Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell of Grenada. The new government will, as always, support the development of HSG projects, and the Prime Minister also promised to reform CBI soon, which will greatly enhance the global competitiveness of Grenada CBI and the project as well.


The two sides exchanged views on marketing promotion, customer application process, Vietnam's immigration market potential, etc., and Mr. Yuanfa Li personally answered questions on investment methods that some channels cared about.


<<< Mr. Yuanfa Li presented marketing authorization nameplate to channel partners.>>>

Buffet Reception & Yacht Party

During the three-day trip to Vietnam, HSG team fully felt the enthusiasm of channel partners. On the last day of the first stop, Smart Investment & Immigration, a channel partner, specially held a buffet reception and yacht party for HSG and the project promotion. Many local channels, industry elites, investors, etc. were invited to attend the party, which fully showed the partnership of deep mutual trust and win-win development between HSG and channel parties.

Mr. Yuanfa Li and Ms. Hien Nguyen (Founder of Smart Investment & Immigration)


Mr. Yuanfa Li and Mark Davies (A lawyer who flew from England to Ho Chi Minh City to attend the meeting)


<<< Buffet Reception & Yacht Party>>>


The Vietnam Stop of HSG 2022 Global Marketing Promotion Tour came to an end successfully, which can be described as fruitful. Both new and old channel partners all highly recognized HSG's strength, reputation and sustainable development of its project, and agreed that the Grenada National Project of HSG provided an optimal option for the long-standing bottleneck problem of second identity application. In the future, they will continue to cooperate with HSG to strengthen the promotion of Grenada National Project and grab the CBI blue ocean market.


Retrospect of Vietnam Stop