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HSG is a multinational integrated company, combining investment, development and commodity businesses. It is the developer and authorized distributor of the Grenada National Resort. With a global vision, an open attitude, and rapid integration into the world top tourism resort market, HSG provides high-quality and diversified one-stop services such as tourism, conferences and exhibitions, investments and citizenship by investment program for global elites.


On May 18, 2019, HSG and the Grenadian Government formally signed the cooperation agreement on the Grenada National Resort at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, which marked the official launch of the integrated resort project in the South Caribbean.


With a global vision, open attitude, accurate docking, and rapid integration into the international top tourist resort market, HSG provides high-quality one-stop services of diversified tourism and vacation, conference and exhibition, investment and naturalization for global elites.

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Grenada National Resort is the largest foreign investment project on the island. It aims to enhance Grenada's tourism image and promote its economy. In August 2019, the Grenada National Resort has been granted as an approved CBI project by the Government. Investors are eligible to obtain Grenada Citizenship by investing the project. Safeguarded by the CBI Act, investors and their family members can obtain Grenada passports within 4 to 6 months.


Robert Trent Jones II Golf Course Architects


From the Americas and Europe to Asia to the Caribbean and Mexico, wherever grass grows in the world, Robert Trent Jones' name is unrivalled among golf course architects worldwide. Robert Jones II designed the world's top 18-hole American hill course for Grenada National Resort, which perfectly conforms to the USGA's construction regulations. It will come with luxury villas, and will be a multi-functional golf course integrating sports and leisure, tourism and business conferences.


In August 2013, Grenada passed Act No.15, allowing investors to acquire Grenada citizenship by investing in fixed asset projects approved by the Grenada Government and to apply for citizenship together with their family members. In May 2019, Grenada passed an amendment to the above-mentioned Act to allow multiple investors to invest in one project approved by the government, and only an investment of 220,000 US dollars, along with a government fee of 50,000 USD, is required to obtain Grenada citizenship for the investor and affiliated applicants.

Grenadian citizenship acquired through investment is protected by the Act and enjoys full rights as natives of Grenada.


  • Easy and fast

    No language or residence requirements. 4 to 6 months approval after subbmitting application

  • Gateway to the US

    Qualified for US E-2 visa application.

  • Free travel

    Visa-free to 144 countries and regions, including UK, Schengen states, Russia, Singapore and China.

  • Tax planning

    Offshore financial center, with no personal income tax, capital gains tax, net assets tax, inheritance tax, gift tax and no global tax.

  • Multi-generation coverage

    4 generations (including spouse, children, parents, grandparents, siblings, etc) can obtain citizenship with one application.

  • Education

    Commonwealth education. With E-2 Visa, free tuition for children to attend K12 public schools and in-state tuition for university students.


    1、Minimum 18 years old;

    2、No criminal record;

    3、Healthy, no serious illness or infectious diseases;

    4、Two options: Investment or NTF contribution.



    Children under 30

    Parents and grandparents of main applicant or spouse

    Unmarried siblings with no children of main applicant or his/her spouse


    1、Prepare and review application documentations

    2、Deliver application documentations to local agent and pay initial fees* to CBI unit

    3、Obtain principle approval after Bank and CBI due diligence

    4、Transfer investment and government fees

    5、Issue Citizenship Certificate and Passport after submitting confirmation of investment

    6、Become a Grenadian Citizen

*Initial fees refer to application, processing, due diligence and attorney’s fee