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HSG is a multinational integrated company, combining investment, development and commodity businesses. It is the developer and authorized distributor of the Grenada National Resort. With a global vision, an open attitude, and rapid integration into the world top tourism resort market, HSG provides high-quality and diversified one-stop services such as tourism, conferences and exhibitions, investments and citizenship by investment program for global elites ...


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Grenada National Resort is the largest foreign investment project on the island. It aims to enhance Grenada's tourism image and promote its economy. In August 2019, the Grenada National Resort has been granted as an approved CBI project by the Government. Investors are eligible to obtain Grenada Citizenship by investing the project. Safeguarded by the CBI Act, investors and their family members can obtain Grenada passports within 4 to 6 months ...

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In August 2013, Grenada passed Act No.15, allowing investors to acquire Grenada citizenship by investing in fixed asset projects approved by the Grenada Government and to apply for citizenship together with their family members. In May ...


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  • - What is Citizenship by Investment?

    - Citizenship by investment is a procedure that gives families the opportunity to obtain alternate citizenship, allowing them to travel freely to numerous destinations and live in another country.

  • - Why a Grenadian passport?

    - Grenadian passport holders have visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 144 countries, including the United Kingdom, and the Schengen Area of Europe, as well as other key business and leisure destinations. Grenada is the only Caribbean country with a citizenship program that is part of an E-2 Investor Visa Treaty with the US, which allows Grenadian citizens to apply for nonimmigrant visas in the US.

  • - Do I need to go to Grenada?

    - No, you don’t need to go to Grenada to travel with your passport.

  • - Do I need to pay Taxes in Grenada?

    - Absolutely not because Grenada is a tax-free country.

  • - Can I travel anywhere with my Grenadian passport?

    - Yes, you will get visa-free arrival to 140+ countries, including the United Kingdom, Russia, Schengen countries, China, Singapore, etc.

  • - What is the requirement for the principal applicant?

    - The principal applicant must be minimum 18 years old with no criminal records. He/she must be healthy, with no serious illness.


The brochure of Grenada National Tourism Resort gives a comprehensive introduction from the aspects of Grenada national profile, Grenada investment Naturalization Act, introduction to the National Tourism Resort, E2 investment visa processing in the United States, E2 truck logistics packaging project, etc. If necessary, please click the button below to view the Grenada brochure.



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