Heng Sheng's Grenada National Resort kicks off construction with giant pile driver shipped from China

The gigantic crawler pile driver sets sail for Grenada from China

The departure of the freight marks the beginning of substantial construction for the Grenada National Resort.  

CHONGQING, SICHUAN, CHINA, July 13, 2023 -- The gigantic crawler pile driver newly purchased by Singapore Heng Sheng (Grenada) Development Pte Ltd sets sail for the Caribbean country of Grenada from China today. The departure of the freight marks the successful completion of the preparatory work which includes finalizing the preliminary layout plan, obtaining the government's construction permit and putting in place the bulk construction material for the Heng Sheng-developed Grenada National Resort as it now enters the substantial building phase.

The pile driving machine is a large industry machinery used for pile foundation construction in building projects. As it sails towards Grenada, other heavy equipment such as the concrete mixer together is too gearing up for operation, with a newly assembled team of staff being trained for the up-coming tasks. The pile foundation is the important first step in the physical construction of a building and will provide a solid base for the Phase One of the 375-acre resort, including a main hotel building, golf club, casino and staff quarters.

Mr. Li Yuanfa, chairman of Heng Sheng, said, "This piling rig is a globally sourced equipment best suited for our project, and its departure carries the eagerness of all Heng Sheng employees to kick-start the actual building process. We are very grateful to our Chinese partner for enabling us complete the procurement and facilitating the smooth transportation of the machinery."

Officials from the Grenada Planning and Development Authority inspecting the site

"The progress we have made so far would not be possible without the support of the Grenada Planning and Development Authority (PDA), for which I am grateful. I am also proud of our project construction team, who has demonstrated high efficiency in facilitation and exceptional quality in execution that has always been the value of Heng Sheng."

A Chinese manager is giving the instruction to a local team in front of the China-imported machinery

A team is surveying the golf course at the Grenada National Resort

Mr. Kevin Zhu, Project General Manager of the Grenada National Resort, said, "With Heng Shengs decades-long development experiences and the arrival of the pile driver, we will be able to show Grenada Chinas super capability in infrastructure building.He added, "We will also work closely with the local community to provide employment and training opportunities, and contribute to the local economic growth and social development."

The 375-acre Grenada National Resort blends the breathtaking landscape of hilly wetland, tranquil lake and sandy beach

To date, the 18-hole golf course, part of the Grenada National Resort, has already completed its surface preparation and entered the pre-construction stage. Designed by one of the worlds leading designers, Robert Trent Jones II, the golf course will be one of the premier courses in the Caribbean region, blending together the breathtaking landscape of hilly wetland, tranquil lake and sandy beach.

The Phase I of the Grenada National Resort includes the main hotel tower in the middle

Phase One of the Grenada National Resort is expected to be completed and operational by the end of 2027 to make Grenada one of the most attractive destinations in the Caribbean.