17th Global Citizenship Conference in Dubai Shines Spotlight on Grenada



The 17th Global Citizenship Conference in Dubai, hosted by Henley & Partners, kicked off with a spotlight on Grenada. The Caribbean nation proudly held the gold sponsorship role at this prestigious event, and the Heng Sheng team was in attendance.


This grand gathering brought together esteemed thought leaders, government policymakers, distinguished scholars, and experts from the investment migration industry worldwide. All convened in Dubai, the global epicenter of investment immigration. Grenada's Prime Minister, Dickon Mitchell, and the CEO of the CBI Unit, Thomas Anthony, graced the conference as keynote speakers and participated in specialized panel discussions. Their insights on "global residency and citizenship choices" were highly anticipated, while the Heng Sheng team added their expertise to enrich the conversations.







Welcome poolside cocktail reception with the Prime Minister of Grenada


Prime Minister of Grenada, Hon. Dickon Mitchell, delivered a powerful keynote speech titled "Attracting Global Citizens Through Investment Migration—And Why This Is Vital for the Future.” In his address, he emphasized the essential role investment migration programs play for individuals, families, and countries offering CBI projects. He noted that such programs not only provide opportunities for acquiring citizenship but also contribute to economic growth, social development, and risk management for CBI project countries.





Prime Minister Mitchell advocated for small nation passports, underscoring that investment migration programs are not exclusive to emerging countries; many EU countries and the United States also have such programs. He stressed the importance of these programs to Grenada and highlighted their economic and social benefits.




Heng Sheng team with the CEO of the CBI Unit, Thomas Anthony (middle)



Heng Sheng team with the CBI committee member, Dr Sandiford (right)


As a key player with deep roots in Dubai's global markets, Heng Sheng's involvement at this event was pivotal. They have built a strong local team and cultivated top-tier channel partners in Dubai over four years. Meeting with Grenada's Prime Minister and delegation offered a valuable opportunity for discussions on the Grenada National Resort and the latest developments in the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program.



















The conference featured various networking events, facilitating interactions among attendees. Heng Sheng engaged in discussions with industry leaders and explored the future of the investment migration industry. Several channel partners expressed keen interest in Grenada's Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program and a desire to foster collaborative relationships with Heng Sheng. Together, they aim to unlock new investment migration opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, providing individuals and families with enhanced global mobility, security, education options, and expanded business and investment prospects.