The Prime Minister of Grenada led a government delegation to visit the Grenada National Resort

On March 29, 2024, the Prime Minister of Grenada, Honourable Dickon Mitchell, led a government delegation to visit the Grenada National Resort site to inspect the progress of the project.





The Prime Minister was accompanied by a government delegation including the Hon. Dennis Cornwall, Minister for Finance, the Hon. Joseph Andall, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Trade and Export Development, and the Hon. Leo Cato, Speaker of the House of Representatives. Mr. Li Yuanfa, Chairman of Hengsheng Group, warmly welcomed the arrival of the Prime Minister and his delegation, and received the delegation with the general manager of Grenada National Resort, the head of the project contractor, the head of the project development center, the project development and construction team and representatives of the technical construction unit.


Construction equipments· Excellent quality and environmental protection




Accompanied by Chairman Li Yuanfa, Prime Minister Mitchell and his delegation walked into the project site and successively visited the site of heavy machinery and equipment such as concrete mixing station, power station, tile press, brick making machine, crawler crane and screw pile. All is shipped from China and other countries to Grenada, with high strength, high efficiency and durable performance, by Prime Minister Mitchell highly affirmed, he expressed that seeing is believing and felt impressed by the capability and commitment from Grenada National Resort.




The head of the project contractor led the Prime Minister and his delegation to the places where workers excavate the pile foundation, straighten the steel bar, tie the steel bar, fix mold before pouring concrete, and also introduced the key engineering details and technical highlights of the first phase of the hotel project to the delegation.


Steady progress and unlimited potential

In the following meeting, the general manager of the project reported the overall progress and future planning of the project construction to the Prime Minister and his delegation, and introduced the main construction content and progress of the first phase of the project in detail.



Up to now, the project area of the International Golf Course has completed the 18-hole fairway clearing operation and is undergoing the expansion of the artificial lake; The foundation drilling of the first phase of the hotel is progressing in an orderly way according to the construction plan, and more than 560 pile foundation points have been set, which is expected to be finished and put into operation by the end of 2027.



The Prime Minister, Hon. Dickon Mitchell, expressed appreciation for the steady progress and high-quality construction of the Grenada National Resort and stressed the significance of the project to the economic and tourism development of Grenada. He said that the government will continue to fully support the construction of the Grenada National Resort to improve its promotion and implementation.



Grenada National Resort - a promising project worthy of investment

The Prime Minister led the government delegation to inspect the Grenada National Resort, which fully reflects the government's attention and support for the project, and also shows the strength and determination of Hengsheng Group as a project developer. At the same time, it also conveys a clear signal: Grenada National Resort is a promising project worthy of investment.


Mr. Li Yuanfa presented a donation check worth EC $50,000 to Chantimelle Fire Victims Relief Fund


As a national key project developer with both strength and reputation, Hengsheng Group, while continuing to deepen the Grenada National Resort and contribute to the prosperity and development of Grenada, actively practices social responsibility with actions. After the meeting, Mr. Li Yuanfa, in the name of the Grenada National Resort developer, presented a donation check worth EC $50,000 to Chantimelle Fire Victims Relief Fund to help relief residents in the community affected by the recent fire.




After the donation ceremony, Mr. Li Yuanfa and Prime Minister Mitchell once again had in-depth communication on the topics of "optimizing the project construction" and "raising the brand voice". Prime Minister Mitchell is confident about the future of the project. "The Grenada government is willing to work with Hengsheng Group to strengthen the linkage between government and enterprises, and work together to build Grenada National Resort into a world-class international tourism landmark and a new engine for the development of Grenada's tourism." he said.


The Prime minister's words made the whole construction team more confident and full of motivation. On behalf of Hengsheng Group, Mr. Li Yuanfa extended sincere thanks to Prime Minister Mitchell and his delegation for their visit and positive feedback. He said, "The trust and support of the government is a strong backing for the smooth progress of the Grenada National Resort. In the future, Hengsheng Group will keep cooperating with the government, adhering to high standards, high quality and high efficiency to promote the construction. It is our target to complete and put into operation at an early date, and create greater value for Grenada."