Caribbean Investment Summit 2024 Recap: The Rapid Pursuit of Sustainable Development for Grenada Citizenship by investmet

On May 22 to 25, local time, the Caribbean Investment Summit 2024 (CIS24) was grandly held at the Radisson Beach Resort in Grenada. Hengsheng Group, the project leader of the Grenada National Resort, attended the Summit as a platinum sponsor.



Gathering industry forces to polish the "resilience" of the project

The Caribbean Investment Summit was one of the most significant summits in the field of investment migration in the Caribbean region, and it was also the most important investment migration conference held in Grenada in recent years. It brought together government officials and heads of investment migration bureaus from Caribbean countries, global investors and high-net-worth individuals, Caribbean citizenship by investment (CBI) project developers, and international top marketing agents. The Summit had a unique position in responding to the ever-changing challenges and development of the industry.




With the theme of "resilience", the Summit advocated strengthening the adaptability and sustainability of Caribbean investment migration to cope with global market changes and increasingly stringent scrutiny from the EU, the UK, and the US.





The summit is committed to encouraging market adjustments, promoting project innovation, strengthening risk management, and promoting knowledge empowerment and strategic information transmission through five carefully designed core topics, all while aiming to further enhance the attractiveness of investment immigration policies in Grenada and other Caribbean countries to overseas investors in order to cope with global challenges and the changing market environment and promote the long-term creative development of Caribbean investment immigration.


Government strength endorsement and forward-looking wisdom

The Grenada government attaches great importance to the Summit. Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell, Investment Migration Agency (IMA) Grenada Chairman Richard Duncan and CEO Thomas Anthony, and Deputy Director Karline Purcell and other government officials all attended the Summit, delivering keynote speeches, participating in special seminars, and contributing forward-looking wisdom on topics such as project management, strategic marketing, and streamlining processes.




On the first day of the Summit, Grenada Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell delivered a keynote speech entitled "The Future of Investment Migration." The Prime Minister emphasised that if investment migration projects want to flourish in a market environment full of changes and competitiveness, evolution and innovation are indispensable magic weapons. Grenada will actively predict market changes, respond to investor preferences, and introduce technological innovations to ensure the market competitiveness of Grenada's investment immigration projects. Together with the countries with investment migration initiatives in the Caribbean, it will benefit the economic and social development of the host countries of the projects while realising identity configuration for more people.




IMA Grenada Chairman Richard Duncan and CEO Thomas Anthony, along with other relevant department heads also shared and discussed technologies and innovative solutions such as biometric authentication, blockchain, transparency reporting tools, and digital identity in subsequent roundtable talks and speeches. They promised to use technology for simplifying administrative processes and improving review efficiency while ensuring the original structure and compliance of Grenada's CBI, while enhancing the transparency and credibility of the project.


Dialogue with industry leaders to build a bridge of cooperation

As one of the trailblazers of Grenada's CBI program, HSG showcased its flagship project, the Grenada National Resort, in the Summit.







At the roundtable meeting focusing on the two major topics of "CBI Product and Process Innovation - Meeting the Changing Needs of the Market" and "Forging Strategic Partnerships for Future Resilience", Hengsheng representatives shared valuable insights through dialogues with other industry experts, authorities, and top agents from the Caribbean region.








The speakers exchanged views on innovative strategies such as the pre-approval screening mechanism, parallel processing system, application tracking system, customer support centre, continuous process optimization, and performance monitoring system, and acquired critical insights for improving applicant experience, optimising service collaboration, and improving application efficiency. At the same time, during the case-sharing and discussion portion, new sparks were generated for marketing promotion strategies and collaboration model upgrades.


The Summit featured big names, the project booths were very popular, and the atmosphere was very warm. The Grenada National Resort project was highly favoured at the venue due to its highlights such as safety and reliability, legal support, perfect background check, simple and fast processes, and the all-weather service collaboration concept that is continuously innovated and optimised by the team behind it.






As the host country of the Summit, Grenada provides an excellent platform for the guests to gain insights into data-driven solutions, analyse cutting-edge market trends, and explore and establish strategic partnerships and emerging business opportunities. The Hengsheng team integrated into the venue with professionalism and academic mentality, actively introduced the highlights of the project, took the initiative to link the top channels, explored business opportunities in dialogues, and built a two-way bridge for empowerment through cooperation.






Hengsheng strives to uphold trust and professionalism, leverage the industry's breakthrough development, and work with IMA Grenada and global channel partners to "enhance project resilience" in all aspects, continue to provide first-class investment immigration services for the ever-expanding diverse global market, enhance the attractiveness of Grenada CBI in the Caribbean and even the global market, and promote the entire investment migration industry to continuously advance towards a sustainable development path for everyone.