A New Pearl Arising in the Caribbean - A Recap of the Grenada National Resort Site Tour on May 26, 2024

During the afternoon of May 26, 2024 in Grenada, a government delegation selected by Grenada Prime Minister Honorable Dickon Mitchell, representatives of IMA Grenada, and representatives of top channels from all over the world visited the Grenada National Resort project site for inspection.






Government endorsement, industry attention, multiple parties gathered to send positive signals

This project visit and inspection followed the wonderful conclusion of the Caribbean Investment Summit 2024 (CIS24), which took place in Radisson Grenada Beach Resort. The high attention of all parties to the Grenada National Tourism Resort project continued to send positive signals to the industry market.

The government delegation included Minister of Finance, Mr. Dennis Cornwall, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Leo Cato, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Joseph Andall, and Minister of Mobilization, Implementation and Transformation, Mr. Andy Williams, and many other government officials. Also visiting were well-known local industry agents and representatives of global top channel partners.






Mr. Li Yuanfa, Chairman of Hengsheng Group, first delivered a welcome speech. On behalf of Hengsheng and the project team, he expressed a warm welcome and sincere gratitude to all the guests who took the time to visit the project site and conduct visits and inspections. Afterwards, he accompanied the project visit and inspection team to the project site with the Grenada National Tourism Resort project development and construction team, the global marketing team and the project development team.


Clear planning, significant progress, consistent goals to create a demonstration project

The Grenada National Resort project is located in the Levera area in the northeast of Grenada, with a planned area of ​​approximately 375 acres. Since the approval of the construction permit in June 2023, the first phase of the project has been proceeding systematically in strict accordance with its construction plan. The increase in construction personnel and the provision of heavy construction machinery continue to empower the efficient development and high-standard implementation of the project construction, ensuring that the "progress bar" of the first phase of the Grenada National Resort project is constantly refreshed.








By the day of the inspection on May 26, all surface clearing operations have been completed at the golf course area, and the main construction of the golf club, which has been in progress since the end of March this year, has been capped. It is planned to complete all the main construction and capping of the hotel's Tower 1 by the end of 2024.






In the project site, the Grenada government delegation expressed appreciation for the remarkable progress made in the Grenada National Resort project. Minister of Finance Dennis Cornwall stated that he was pleased to see the rapid progress of the resort’s development. Coupled with his experiences growing up in the North District, the Minister of Finance took the initiative to introduce the planning and development of the project to the government officials and channel representatives who were traveling with him, as well as the economic and social benefits that the future project will provide to the local community and even to the entirety of Grenada when operations commence.


Ten major sites, seven major tools, and witnessing the rise of the project

Accompanied by HSG Chairman Yuanfa Li and representatives of the project development and construction team, the Grenada government delegation and representatives of well-known local industry agents and global leading channel partners visited the construction sites of seven major heavy machinery and equipment, including concrete mixing plants, power plants, tile presses, crawler cranes, screw piles, and brick making machines, and expressed great appreciation for the Hengsheng project team's construction tools and skilled manufacturing techniques selected from around the world.





During the visit, Grenada's Minister of Mobilization, Implementation, and Transformation, Andy Williams, was very concerned about possible environmental issues during the project construction process. The project’s construction manager carefully explained to Andy Williams the environmental assessment and geological survey work done by the construction team in the early stages of planning to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment. Andy Williams and the dignitaries of the relevant departments of Grenada who accompanied him were very pleased with this and praised the Grenada National Resort project as an environmentally friendly venture.




The visiting team stopped by dozens of viewing spots, focusing on the construction sites of Tower 1 of the hotel, the hotel lobby, the casino and the golf club, and learned a great deal of the overall planning progress and key engineering details of the first phase of the hotel project. Looking at the new international tourism landmark that is "rising from the ground" in front of them, the inspection team said that from "goals" to "reality," Hengsheng's construction speed is unprecedented.


政府背书 业界瞩目 走进格林纳达国家旅游度假区项目一线见证国际旅游新地标“崛起”1532.png


As the project visit and inspection came to an end, Mr. Yuanfa Li, on behalf of Hengsheng Group, expressed his sincere gratitude to the Grenada government delegation and representatives of well-known local industry agents and global channel partners for their inspection and positive feedback.

"The government's trust and support provide the sturdy foundation for the smooth progress of the Grenada National Resort project. The promotion of the project alys plays a significant role in the joint efforts of global channel partners. In the future, Hengsheng Group will work closely with the government to adhere to stringent standards, high quality, and streamlined protocols to promote the implementation of the project’s construction and achieve the established goal of opening and operating the hotel in 2027. Together, we will bring forth a great deal of value to Grenada."


政府背书 业界瞩目 走进格林纳达国家旅游度假区项目一线见证国际旅游新地标“崛起”1698.png